Sunday, May 24, 2009



0k thERe Has BeeN FEw ValiD QuESti0Ns tHat Has beeN Fl0AtiNg 0n VARioUS hAcKiNg B0Adrds AbUt RapIDSharE I HAvE AnSWerEd TheSE QuEStioNs In Few HACKiNG B0ArDs...BuT HerE I DEcIdEd T0 WRITE a TuT0RiAl BaSeD 0N My pErS0NEl ExpERiEnCE wiTh HacKEd RApISharE Acc0UNTs

-y HacKEd Acc0UnTs Last 0nlY F0R A LESs TiMe(WhEn P0STEd PuLiCAlly)

-H0W Can We cHEck AlL THE dEtAiLS 0F L0CkEd Acc0Unt: LiKE E-MAil AddrES T0 G0 0N HacKiNg oR CrAckInG ThE ViCtImS E-MAil Acc0uNt

ThE FiRSt 0Ne Is PrEtty SiMplE And I GuEss It IS WelL Kn0Wn

That RapISharE ChEnGEs pAsSW0Rd AuToMatiCallY IF It dEcTECtS ThREe UsErs ArE L0ggEd In At The SAmE TiME & ChAnGEd PasSw0rD Is SEnt T0 ThE PR0ViDEd E-mAil Id....ThATs CallEd S0ME TighT SeCuRity..PrEety nEAt

ThE SeEc0ND QuESti0N IS AnSWerED ResuLTiNg in WackEd SecUriTy0F RApIDSHAre

TW0 SimPLe MEth0Ds 0R InV0LVed D0WnLoad A RApIdSHarE ChEckEr EASily AvAilAbLE on The NEt By Teh T0NS...They WiLL ChECk ThE E-MAil Acc0uNT F0R u.....T0 Kn0W DEEpEr H0W D0eEs A ChEckER D0
It GrAb ThE C0DE FR0M The InTerNet AlS0 eAsilY AvailAbLE.. LiKE ChECk IT 0uT 0n StUDy The C0DE

The QuEstiON IS tHEre A WAy AR0UnD T0 SkIp The SAiD MenTioNEd ThiNGs ...The AnSWEr IS yES

IF u WanT T0 ChECK C0mPlEte DEtaILS 0f L0CkEd HAcKEd rApIDShARe Acc0uNt WiTh 0UT UsiNg A ChEcKEr 0r UsINg Any C0DE 0r ScRipt....... BE 0N A Sl0W C0nnECti0n...Wat I MEan IF uR 0n A Sl0W IntERNEt C0nnEcti0N ThE PrEty WacKEd SECuRiTY SysTEm 0F RapIDShRE Let U SEe All ThE DeTAiLS 0f HacKEd Acc0uNt....this is n0t p0ssiBLe witH HiGh SpEED C0nnEcti0n...

WiTh L0W SpEED C0nnEctioN U CAn Even PauSE tHE PaGe....BuT HAY D0Nt TRy T0 ChanGE Any ThInG WhEn u Click 0n SettInG 0pTi0N And When u Will PauSE THe PaGE T0 See WAt E-mail Id Is..IF U Try T0 ChAnE tHE DEtaiLS AnD PrEss SavE IT W0UnT SAvE anyThIng....AcTuAllY SamE TiME DeAlY TeChniQuE Is USed in RApIDShare ChEcKerS...S0 n0W U Kn0W

ThE pURp0Se 0F WRiTiNG thIS TuT0RiAL Was T0 AnSWer The QUEsTi0Ns ThAt HavE bEen C0minG Up iN Past Few dayS 0N vARi0US HAckING B0Ards

0H BTw i F0Rg0t T0 TEll u ThAT Th0SE PPL Wh0 Ask F0R UnSeCuRE RApIDSHAre Acc0UNTS ThInkINg It Will BE tHERs Till ITs ExpiRAtion DAtE MAy N0T BE RiGht

HEre IS h0W u CAn l00Se uR HAckEd UnSecURE RApidShare acc0unt IF tHE LeGAl 0WnER Of THE ACc0unt L0GEs A SimplE C0mpLAInt ViA MAil PR0ViDing Ac00UNt DEtailS And ESpECiallY M0DE 0F TRanSacTion By WiHiCh THE Acc0uNT WAs B0UGHt And DEtaiLS,& The EmAIl ID USEd At THE TimE 0f Acc0uNT BuyiNg U WIlL CErtaiNLy L00sE UR HacKEd RApiDSHARe Acc0UNT.......

I HavE ExPEriEnCED HAcKEd Rs Acc0uNtS LAsts L0NGEr IF u CAn AlS0 HAck 0r CrAck THe E-mail ID 0F THE ViCtim...U CAN THEn SiMply DeLEte The Acc0UnT ThUS MAkin It M0RE DiffCulT F0R tHE ViCtim T0 GEt His RApIDShare Acc0uNt Back..

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